Award-winning outdoor space—an oasis in the city.

Dr. Montessori saw the relationship between the brain, senses and muscles. She thought it a great error to separate movement from intellectual development because she disagreed with the idea that movement was only for strengthening the cardiovascular system.

“Till now, almost all educators have thought of movement and the muscular system as aids to respiration, or to circulation, or as a means for building up physical strength. But in our new conception, the view is taken that movement has great importance in mental development itself, provided that the action which occurs is connected with the mental activity going on.” —Maria Montessori (p. 142, The Absorbent Mind)

Three separate active play areas—indoors and out

Movement and activity are very important for children, and our Academy campus and schedules are set up to facilitate this. In addition to an indoor motor facility, we maintain an award-winning outdoor space that serves as a green oasis in the middle of the city. Here, children are able to explore the outdoors, run, climb and use their imaginations.

Since our outdoor space offers three separate areas and we also have an indoor gymnasium, we’re able to build significant time into each day’s schedule for children to take part in active play.

Recognized by the National Wildlife Foundation

Our outdoor learning environment has been recognized by the National Wildlife Foundation and has won citywide and national awards and has been featured in industry publications.

Our outdoor space is also fully integrated into our curriculum, typical of a hands-on Montessori education. For instance, students might learn about the life cycles of seeds and plants by digging in our garden.